Before Travel

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Before Travel

Nepal is a landmark of natural beauty and is a great place to travel to. But here are few of the things to keep in mind and do a keen research on before travelling to Nepal.

  1. You can buy your supplies in Kathmandu. If you come to Nepal and forgot some supplies for you. Then don’t worry, after you land in Kathmandu you can get any kind of supplies with just the fraction of the price.
  2. You should keep Probiotics and take it before, during and after your trip. Nepal is a country where people love to eat spicy and oily food. So if you are not used to these kinds of food then you must carry some medications for yourself in any such case.
  3. Know about the Festivals and Occasions. Aside from natural beauty, Nepal is also known for its various and one of a kind festivals and occasions that you can enjoy watching and taking part on. If you get luck to watch one then it’ll be a day for you to remember.
  4. Load Shedding. It can be a major issue for people. Since this generation depends solely on electricity. But the load shedding schedule has drastically decreased in respect to the past. You won’t even notice the power cuts since inverters have taken over in many places.
  5. No Couch Surfing. Some people tend to be nice at the beginning and then can cause a major mood off to your trip. So depend on your agency and book a hotel for cheap rather than couch surfing.
  6. Shipping is expensive. Since Nepal is an Under Developing country, shipping is not cheap here. People tend to mistake it with their country and end up giving away a lot of money than the package cost itself. So before you ship anything to your homeland be sure to check the shipping cost and all the details.       

There is no perfect way to prepare yourself for a true Nepalese adventure. Be ready to face anything and prepare yourself mentally for any situation that falls upon. And research as much as you can about Nepal. Don’t forget to have a nice Daal Bhat Dinner since it is the major food that is eaten all over Nepal and is rich in all the nutrients.