Country Side

Are you bored of the regular city lights and the pollution? Do you want to drive your way until the lights and the noises dissolve into the country sky?Do you want to make your way out of the noise and dust to a place where you can reside for a time being to rejuvenate yourself to a fresh soul? If yes then you are at the right place. 

The following listed Country Side packages are all the Country side places in Nepal. We at Ecstatic Himalaya, provide you with all that you dream of, far away to a place where all that you can hear is noises but of birds and the flowing river. Where the air is as pure as your heart, and the bright moon shining upon you. Stars as bright as the night light and the warmth of the earth directly falling upon your heart. And along with that, we provide you with the best services and a transparent result.

From the birth place of the goddess Sita to the Light of Asia, Gautam Buddha, We provide you with the best services of all. No matter what you choose, when you're with us, you're in for a treat.