CSR Ecstatic Himalaya

We humbly request you to keep your responsibility as a tourist to the way you have always kept. As someone said, “Leave only footprints and take only memories and photographs.”

§  Follow the designated routes, campsites and resting places to reduce trampling and other adverse effect on the environment

§  Honor local culture and tradition, use home stays, local hotels/lodges or campsites as much as possible to reinforce to local livelihood.

§  Abstain using firewood as much as possible. Use common space for heating. Use as much options for heating that can reduce deforestation.

§  Uphold cleanliness and hygiene. Make use of locally available trashcans. Convey back your trash, waste while traveling through ecologically sensitive area.

§  Designate mobile toilets at a substantial distance from water source, river banks and springs while camping along the river side.

§  Always take help of the local guides and porters as much as possible to explore more about the local culture, tradition and environment.

§  Money that you spend in our country will contribute directly to the local livelihood, orphans, women empowerment and the conservation of environment.   

§  Also your small efforts can keep the world clean and make it a better place for living. For us and for our descendants.