Terms & Service

These Booking terms and conditions are the most important part of our booking and travelling process. So it is a must for you to read and understand them carefully for the ease of your booking and our services. The booking terms and conditions constitutes a legally binding contract between Ecstatic Himalaya Family and you for the services provided by and set out the base of your leagal realationship with Ecstatic Himalaya Family.

1: Bookings and Payments

  • To process a Booking you should send us a finished booking structure with 20% non-refundable store as definite beneath. This will constitute acknowledgment by you of these Terms and Conditions. We require you a duplicate of visa and an identification estimate current photograph.
  • All stores required are per individual per trip. If you don't mind get in touch with us in regards to coordinate store points of interest. A bank benefit charge ought to be paid at the season of store. We will have receipt of store sum from our bank.
  • For Credit Card installment. We acknowledge Visa or MasterCard and a 4% demand will be included for card handling charge.(D) Remaining parity is required to pay before the excursion takeoff date. Ecstatic Himalaya Travel & Adventure claims all authority to scratch off your outing should everything not be paid in time.
  • Ecstatic Himalaya Travel & Adventure won't acknowledge any draft Check which take long procedure to balance.

2: Cancelation and Booking Changes

  • When Trip affirmed and done the installment. Furthermore, in the event that you scratch off the trek any conditions, 20% will be chargeable from your full outing installment.
  • If any conditions which can't begin the outing, such no fly awful climate, avalanche or politically issue, Ecstatic Himalaya Travel & Adventure proposed to sort out comparable outing. ,in the event that customers need wipe out the outing and not utilizing other recommended trip, we will figure of the costs cost such, allow, Hotel, Tax, rest of monies will be discount.
  • If you are kept from going on the visit by bona fide conditions, for instance (without confinement) in light of death, damage or genuine ailment of the traveler, close relative or companion, excess or jury benefit, you may delay or exchange your booking to someone else, if they meet every one of the necessities identifying with that visit. You should give confirmation of why you can't go at the time you change your booking. There will be no choices accessible 14 days before trip takeoff.

3: Changes to your Holiday and Pricing

Going with Ecstatic Himalaya Travel & Adventure requires a level of adaptability, agreeability and an understanding that methods of transport, convenience and schedules may change, even after the visit has initiated, without earlier notice because of neighborhood conditions, for example, flight deferral, cancelation or delay because of infamous climate in the Himalayan districts or other flighty conditions, for example, arrive slides, street blockage, surge, snow, political turmoil or postpone landing and so forth. Ecstatic Himalaya Travel & Adventure can't discount any money under the above conditions due to earlier provider courses of action. In the event that conceivable we will dependably attempt to give you an option or substitute excursion of same class.

  • Money won't be refundable in the event that you came right on time from your excursion. Because of walk quick, drained or any reason. Indeed, even we can't give additional Night Hotel, dinner and so on.
  • We don't acknowledge any duty regarding misfortune on work, deferrals or remuneration coming about because of circumstances outside outing ability to control.
  • Ecstatic Himalaya, visit/trek bundles, depends on twin offer settlement. In this manner, single room supplement charge will be forced to customers who don't have another visit member to impart convenience to.

4. Travel Insurance

Travel protection is necessary for all Clients undertaking any visit. It ought to give sufficient assurance to the full span of the visit to cover individual damage, passing, therapeutic costs, repatriation costs, helicopter save, air rescue vehicle and satisfactory cover for things.

5. Wellbeing and Fitness

All our Nepal visits and treks require a level of wellness, there for you ought to dependably check with your nearby GP in regards to your wellbeing and wellness before you travel. It's the customer's duty to tell Ecstatic Himalaya Travel & Adventure of any prior therapeutic condition or potentially inability that may sensibly be relied upon to build the danger of you required restorative consideration, which may influence your capacity to travel.

6. Exposure

You concur that Ecstatic Himalaya Travel & Adventure may utilize pictures of you taken amid the excursion without plan of action to you and without pay to you, for reputation and advancement purposes just through whatever medium it picks.

7. Protection

To gather data from you to making a booking through Ecstatic Himalaya Travel & Adventure we pose numerous inquiries to get the important grants and so forth. No private or individual data that you supply to us when making a booking will be revealed for some other purposes.

8. Hazard and Liabilities

We are focused on giving the best administrations which will give you a once in an existence time travel in this association, we play out our obligations genuinely and truly to make your trip extremely smooth and wonderful. Be that as it may, the whole projects in Nepal are led entirely under the guidelines and control of theirs' own arrangements.

In this manner Ecstatic Himalaya Travel & Adventure and its related association should not be in charge of any adjustments in the schedule because of unavoidable condition, for example, govt. limitation, Land slide, street blockage, surge, snow political agitation, cancelation of flight, deferral, infection or mishap, Any additional cost bringing about thereof should be borne by the customers on the spots.

9. Our Responsible Tourism Policy

Ecstatic Himalaya Travel & Adventure are re-creating tourism for the advantage of neighborhood individuals, vacationers, condition and the tourism business on the loose. We ask that you read our Responsible Travel and Ethnic Tourism arrangement in detail before you book your vacation with us, as we expect that you will stick to our approach and rules while going with us.