About Nepal

Below are the FAQ’s composed and proposed to give the response to many inquiries of people who are intending or planning on having a visit to Nepal. The inquiries recorded here, and their separate answers are recently implied just as a general manual for help you design and arrange your trip before you really hit the street. They are not intended to be a point by point out and about guide. For additionally points of interest data and more on everyday travel direction, get hold of one of numerous remarkable travel books that have been distributed throughout the years to help voyager. A hefty portion of them are accessible in book shops far and wide yet in the event that you can't discover one out of a store close you, don't stress, you can get them in Nepal once you land here.

Where is Nepal
Nepal is landlocked nation situated in southern Asia framed between two Asian mammoths India and China. Nepal is geologically, socially and phonetically different. The capital city of the nation is Kathmandu, ordinarily known as city of sanctuaries where we can investigate conventional aesthetic excellence. Hung along the best statures of the Himalaya, Nepal is the place the super cold of the mountains meets the hot warmth of the Indian fields. Besides, it's a place where there is yaks and sasquatches, stupas and Sherpas and a portion of the best trekking on earth. The Himalaya's most modern urban societies came to fruition here, in the three extraordinary smaller than usual kingdoms of the Kathmandu valley-Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur - home to a world-class aesthetic and compositional legacy.

What is Nepal known for?
Nepal is known for Mt. Everest, most elevated crest on the planet and Lord Buddha, who was the pioneer of Buddhist religion. In addition, among 14 eight thousand meters cross mountains on the planet; eight are situated in this normally wonderful nation. Nepal has been the concentration of exceptional accomplishments in the realm of pinnacle climbing campaigns with the ID of more than one thousand crests over 6,000 meters .Trekking through the Everest locale offers dumbfounding mountain sees, a chance to take a look into the life of world legacy destinations, finding assortment of Himalayan verdure and faunas, and a chance to investigate the most elevated Buddhist religious communities on the planet. By and large, Nepal is known for its accommodation and the neighborhood individuals has faith in the mantra Atithi Dewo Bhawaha (Guest are god).

How can I get a Visa to Nepal?
 Visa to Nepal is effortlessly accessible up on landing in the passage places or in any Nepalese Embassy/ Consulate or Mission offices abroad. Make the procedure less demanding by downloading and finishing the application frame, having the right USD money and two travel permit photos.

  • Visa Facility         Duration              Fee
  • Multiple entry   15 days US$ 25 or equivalent Nepali money
  • Multiple entry   30 days US$ 40 or equivalent Nepali money
  • Multiple entry   90 days US$ 100 or equivalent Nepali money

Is the nation politically protected and stable?
Nepal is one of the new majority rule nations on the planet with numerous dynamic political gatherings, thoughts, philosophies and pioneers. In that capacity there may be a few unsettling influences in a few sections of the nation. Be that as it may, it doesn't and won't influence the day by day life of the occupants in alternate parts. Life proceeds onward not surprisingly, unperturbed.

How to enter Nepal?
Nepal can be enter by two ways,

  • Via air: Some of the significant worldwide carriers working timetable administrations to Nepal are Royal Nepal Airlines, British Airways, Biman Bangladesh, China South West Airlines, Druk Air, Gulf Air, India Air, Thai Airways, Qatar, Pakistan Air, Jet Air and Singapore Airlines. Via air, you will land at the Tribhuvan International Airport (just a single worldwide airplane terminal) situated in the core of Kathmandu City.
  • By Road: There are a few passage focuses via arrive course for the most part from Nepal/Indian fringes;
  • Kakarvita
  • Birgunj
  • Bhairahawa
  • Nepalganj
  • Dhangadhi
  • Mahendranagar

Booked open and in addition visitor transports hurried to and from Kathmandu. Going by transport is suggested in the event that you can adapt to 10 to 12 hours of lengthy drive as an end-result of an entrancing rugged perspectives and snail tail streets that meet over the mists.

Do you have Airport pickup offices?
Certainly! We do have airplane terminal get offices for our clients who have reserved for our any bundles. We don't charge any cash. As the time you booked your trek, you need to educate us.

I'm going on a 'cabin trek', what would i be able to anticipate?
Cabin trek specked along the primary trekking trails of Nepal are little. However, basic these teahouses are set up to provide food trekker's needs. In case you're on a hotel trek, this is the place you'll be dozing, eating and unwinding. They're straightforward yet practical, and clean dependably. Basic wooden or solidified rooms with two quaint little inns restrooms are the standard. Supper and breakfast will be given in the hotel where you remain overnight, yet lunch is normally given some place along the course.

To what extent will we stroll on a normal day's trekking?
Every day you can anticipate that five will seven hours strolling, covering 10 to 14 km. In any case, over 3500m, the circumstances will be the same however you'll just cover 8 to 9 km. Vitally, every one of our schedules are adaptable and can be adjusted by climate, land and physical state of the individual member.

Who will be our guide?
Your guide will be a nearby Nepali, however a familiar English speaker. We can likewise give guides who communicate in French, Spanish, Japanese, German or Italian, on the off chance that you incline toward. The greater parts of our aides originate from the rugged districts of Nepal, over 3000 m. They are painstakingly chosen on the premise of their suitable experience, administration abilities and individual bent. With a goal of maintaining nearby groups Imperial Nepal Treks just utilizes staffs from the distinctive gatherings of Nepal's different ethnic group; including Sherpas, Gurung, Magar, Rai and Brahmin who have sufficient information about the way of life, environment, vegetation, fauna, topography, and history of Nepal. Additionally, we give the aides who have experienced extraordinary preparing bundle program like Intensive Wilderness First Aid, Trekking Guide Training, Eco Trekking Workshop and Adventure Meet, Eco Trekking Workshop and Adventure Meet, Rock climbing, Ice Climbing and Mountaineering (for undertaking pioneers) and so forth, which are confirmed and endorsed by administration of Nepal.

What sort of climate (how frosty does it get) would we be able to expect amid trekking?
Climate in the mountains is famously hard to foresee. Around evening time it is by and large cooler the days are warm. Winter (January and February) will be bit colder however the days can be very lovely and warm if the sun is out. There will be bit of snow amid the period of January, February and December. It is additionally imperative to ensure that you can remain warm and dry in pretty much any conditions. Expect the unforeseen!

What are the number prerequisites of your outings?
Beside a few regions - for example, Tibet, Mustang, Dolpo, Manaslu and Kanchenjunga - we run trips for any number of individuals, even only one. Be that as it may, we like to keep our gatherings to a most extreme of twelve individuals, as we've encountered this to be the ideal size for a fruitful trek. In any case on the off chance that you'd get a kick out of the chance to make a gathering reserving for more than twelve individuals it can without much of a stretch be organized.

Does your organization help to orchestrate household flight, worldwide flight, inn appointments and different administrations?
We can deal with every residential flight, lodging appointments and different administrations. Notwithstanding, we propose you to orchestrate worldwide flights from your nation of origin, however we can give help.

What kind of protection would it be advisable for me to need before coming to Nepal? Would i be able to get protection there?
No, you can't arrive. It is a state of joining any of our treks that be ensured against far reaching costs potential to bring about because of restorative issues or mischances (to incorporate air emergency vehicle, helicopter safeguard, and treatment costs). It would be ideal if you be noticed that we don't organize or offer protection.

A casual excursion will be far without great travel protection. In case of any infection or damage, the cost of crisis treatment and clearing is stunning. Along these lines, travel protection is unequivocally suggested for everybody who joins with Imperial Nepal Treks . We emphatically prescribe that be cautious while picking an arrangement as a few makes extraordinary special cases for enterprise travel. Before purchasing protection ensure your insurance agency knows about the INT experience agenda that you will attempt and is pleasant to cover all exercises being embraced in the trek. For example, on the off chance that you are arranging trekking or climbing/endeavor in Himalayas your protection must cover crisis air emergency vehicle/helicopter save including restorative costs. For a gathering visits in urban ranges, your protection scope of emergency vehicle or helicopter save is not required, however better to have with them as well. You have to send us your duplicate of your protection arrangement (e.g. your protection endorsement) or convey it with you while you go ahead the trek.

Is Nepal safe? Is a lady voyaging alone safe with your organization?
Completely Nepal is ok for voyager. Right off the bat, Nepal is considered as one of the serene nations on the planet (odds are it's more secure here than your nation of origin). Also, while you're on one of our excursions, we assume individual liability for your prosperity, a duty we submit truly.

What is wilderness trek?
A wilderness trek gets out of the way, going into territories without any teahouses or hotels. While frequently all the more fulfilling, such treks are significantly more requesting strategically, as outdoors and nourishment planning can't be outsourced. For a wilderness trek you should bring guides, Sherpas, trained cook, kitchen staff and porters. We operate wilderness treks in many beautiful regions; visit our Wilderness page for more information.

How high would you be able to get me?
And also a broad rundown of trekking schedules, we do undertaking climbs straight up to the summit of the Mt. Everest, both from Nepal and Tibet side. In case you're new to moving in the Himalayas, we can offer counsel on a pinnacle or on the off chance that you have a specific one at the top of the priority list we can get it going. For more observe our climbing and campaign page.

What gear do you give? What would it be a good idea for me to bring myself?
We give resting sacks, down coats for the Lodge to Lodge trek (Teahouse) and tents, sleeping cushions, kitchen gear (the greater part of the most noteworthy quality) amid the Camping Treks. Be that as it may, trekking shoes, individual gear and climbing hardware is dependent upon you. See our gear rundown or email us for a particular rundown.

What are the best circumstances to go ahead a trek/visit/endeavor?
The best traveler's season in Nepal with the late spring passed by and the winter to set is autumn (mid-September-November). The climate is exceedingly wonderful so are the mountain sees. While spring season (March-May) is additionally considered as great season. The temperature is somewhat warm in marshes while direct in higher heights with a lot of chances to have tryst with the mountain sees. It is likewise the ideal opportunity for blooms to bloom and the national blossom of Nepal - rhododendron clears the rising heights with its unselfish shading and excellence. Winter season (January-February) is likewise prescribed for visits, safari and low heights trek underneath 4000m. Be that as it may, for a few regions of Nepal, Tibet and India, summer season (June-August) is the greatest months on the grounds that these regions are 'rain shadows' and rainstorm is considerably lighter here.

Would i be able to trek in the Himalayas regardless of the possibility that I haven't done any trekking some time recently?
Totally, in certainty it's an incredible place to begin. As an aspect of our responsibilities, a standout amongst the most imperative things we do is discover your experience and aspirations, and discover the trek to best match these. However hard or simple you'd like it, however much or little experience you have, we have the ideal trek for you.

I've heard stories from companions about cleanliness models in Asia. Do I have to bring the economy-pack of Imodium?
We're extremely used to planning nourishment for western constitutions and we can guarantee all of you sustenance is set up to an exclusive expectation of cleanliness - most likely higher than in your nation of origin. Also, when on a cabin trek, our aides dependably assess the tea-house kitchen to guarantee everything's up to scratch. On the trail bottle water is accessible, yet an ecologically antagonistic alternative. Rather we lean toward water that has been bubbled and afterward cleaned by tablet, which is adequate safety measure.

Is your organization ecologically dependable?
Obviously, we are and maintaining a business doesn't imply that we have the privilege to hamper condition. Our ecological record is superior to anything some other trekking organization in Nepal. In organization with the Kathmandu Educational Environment Project (KEEP) and the Dhaulagiri Association France, we have stick headed various fruitful tidy up crusades and mindfulness program. While it's dismal certainty that tourism is inflicting significant damage on these dazzling territories, we trust that the two can exist together and focused on being a piece of the arrangement.

Would you be able to guarantee me that your staffs are dealt with?
Abuse of its specialists is frequently disregarded and darker side of the Nepal tourism industry and sadly it's a difficult issue. Be that as it may, we are immovably dedicated to maintaining the privileges of trek laborers; including guides, Sherpas, watchmen and cooking staff. We furnish all our staff with grant rate pay, protection, legitimate hardware, preparing and fantastic medicinal treatment.

Are the nourishments and water in the hotels and camps cleanly standard?
Good inquiries. Yes! Totally your nourishments and water are sheltered while you are in the cabin and camp trek. We served just when it is cleanly arranged on the hotel. Also, our aides are the cooks while you are on the cabin trek, they will checked the products before planning in the kitchen and ensure everything are Okay. The majority of the cooks in the neighborhood teahouses are essentially prepared however encounter has made them culminate. In the event that the gathering requires our very much prepared 5 star class cooks with the group even on the cabin trek we are more charmed to bring with an extra cost. We will furnish overflowed with cleansed by tablet and packaged fixed water if there should be an occurrence of lacking despite the fact that we are cognizant about ebb and flow ecological issues. On INT's camp group we have great blend of Guides, Sherpas, Cooks, Kitchen staffs and Porters. Aides and cooks are in fact, for all intents and purposes and hypothetically well prepare where as kitchen staffs and doormen are for all intents and purposes well prepare. While on the outdoors trek our best cooks sets you up with the assortments of sustenances, which is cleanly arranged. You will discover extremely uncommon redundancy of sustenance things on your whole trek length. To the extent drinking water is dealt with by bubbling and water sanitization by medication or with sifted.

Are your staffs completely prepared? Shouldn't something be said about their protection?
Yes! Our aides, cooks, Sherpas and doormen are completely prepared. As a matter of fact we are working in a group. We as a whole are supervisor and we as a whole are laborers.

Power in Nepal
Private electrical outlets in a few nations including the United States utilize 110-120 volts of power, and acknowledge certain molded attachments. Numerous different nations including Nepal utilize different voltages, 220-240 volts to control their machines, also extraordinary fittings. In the event that you endeavor to plug an American apparatus, for example, a shaver or hairdryer into an outlet of an alternate voltage, you may decimate the machine and cause yourself damage. There are couple of things you should think about different nations (here Nepal) before you travel.

For voyagers, what is there to purchase in Nepal to reclaim home?

Very are such a variety of things to reclaim home contingent upon your work force decision. Nepal is outstanding for its workmanship materials, pashmina, Nepalese craftsmanship and art, and Nepali melodic instruments like Madal and Banshuri are the things to buy. In addition, Nepali rugs are additionally best known among the visitor clients. Furthermore, the best place to shop these products is around the Thamel territory.

What to wear in Nepal?
Nepal has an extensive variety of atmospheres thusly both light and warm attire in easygoing and agreeable styles. In the mountain zones, warm woolen garments is important while at bring down elevation cotton garments is perfect. Bring any stuff and you will dependably be wearing to your solace. On the off chance that you missed any of your garments, don't stress you can purchase Nepalese pieces of clothing.

Are there ATM offices in Nepal?
There are numerous ATM machines in the Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley. ATM machines are gradually being acquainted with different urban areas like Bhuwtal and Dharan.

What sorts of cards are acknowledged? Charge or Credit? Visas or Masters or Discovers or Dinners?
Most mainstream cards acknowledged in Nepal are VISA, MASTERCARD and American Express. Both Debit and Credit Cards are acknowledged here.

How to remain healthy when traveling to Nepal?
Before coming to Nepal you are encouraged to take maybe a couple immunizations for normal sicknesses like Japanese encephalitis. At the point when in Nepal, eat altogether cooked nourishment. Drink just the rumored brand of filtered water, while in a trek our organization will give pour drinking water. Sodas like Coke, Pepsi are fine to drink. Keep away from Fast sustenance and servings of mixed greens. On the off chance that you are intending to go amid the time of June to September you may got by Cholera. In any case, this