LGBT Travel

The Ecstatic moments


LGBT Travel

LGBT can be an awkward issue for many people but we support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender as much you do. We do not judge you by the way of your living or the gender that you are. Every person has equal rights and equal opportunities. God has made us equal in any and every way. 

                Everyone loves to travel, be it anyone with any sexuality. We have travelled with many Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender guest, family and they loved our services and the way we treated them with respect and love.  All you need is a bag pack and a will to challenge the nature to its most. Travelling is fun to do and can be an achievement for you. To travel is to change your life. You see different things, many religion, culture and nature’s artistic creations that you’ve never seen before.

                And traveling to Nepal is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss at any cost. Everyone in the world knows how Nepal is rich in natural beauty. The greatest Mountain in the world is in Nepal. Nepal is heaven within. The chill and thrill of traveling off-road to a place where all you can see is the green grass, sky touching mountains and the beautiful sun on top is a spine chilling experience to have and to share with your loved ones.  And you can find all of that in Nepal. You are a step away to the heavenly experience you can get for a memory to make.

Book with us and watch the beauty and the feel  of being close to the nature.